Our disco domes are simply dope! They come in complete; having their own disco lights and music. You would absolutely love it. We have disco domes of all colors and sizes, so you are free to make a pick. The disco domes we have available for hire are the very latest there is out there.

Whether you are looking to do an outdoor or indoor event, we have your specification available.

Depending on what you are looking to achieve with your event, until a disco dome is present at your event, the party hasn’t started.

Our equipment is guaranteed to be durable and of really top-notch quality, if properly handled, there shouldn’t be any fears of getting damaged at the middle of your event. So we urge you to dispel your fears, as we often go prepared to tackle any mishap in the cause our outings.

When we say we don’t have competitors in our line of business, we aren’t kidding. We are perpetually raising the stakes, and making it difficult for anyone to catch up with us—that’s why we have a strategic session before taking on any event.

Disco domes have been known to lighten any event, and leaving attendees screaming for more. You definitely should think of hiring one for your upcoming party.

Our disco dome is fitted with a color changing disco dome light fasted to the upper end of the dome. The dome is dark on the inside and with a very electrifying appearance. We have disco domes that allow for only one person per time, and one that makes allowance for several people. Whatever your preferences, is fine.

The dome has speakers installed so you can get to listen to your favorite songs by linking it to your mobile device. You can also IPOD to the domes bluetooth sound system. We can assure you that the disco dome present in your party promises to change the whole definition of your event.